Zeynep Dagli, Negotiation between Madness & Sanity

The artwork realized for the project imagoRevolution by Zeynep Dagli is titled Negotiation between Madness & Sanity (2014 – 2018).
If there is one at once liberating and annihilating expression of the human condition that would represent the most basic and common cry, sorrow and lamentation in the face of death and madness it must be the scream.
Remember the image of Augustine (the image has negative connotations in relation to female identity as one medical diagnosis only for women) from Charcot’s iconic photography of hysteria patients in 1878 in Salpêtrière women’s hospital in Paris.
I wonder whether it can be said that a scream is an attempt for a negotiation between what we call madness and sanity. If it is an urge to meditate on experiences that of mad, bad and sad would a/the scream be an instant and momentary escape and relief from the misery of life?
Negotiation between Madness & Sanity is a multimedia installation that invites and encourages the public to explore ‘screaming’ as a societal and personal function. A collaborative project, it involves participants screaming without restraint. Documented audio-visually, the project proposes to engage with our right to scream as an attempt for a negotiation between ‘madness’ and ‘sanity’. It is a collective attempt to find a way to release emotion and offer new insight into the creative and positive aspects of a scream. Having already captured dozens of screams, I was struck by the range and intensity of emotions expressed by participants and elicited in the audience – rage, fear, sadness, but also seemingly joy. The image is created with the very first 22 screamers including Augustine’s image.
Regardless of age, gender, culture, and race, a scream is universal and cannot be easily ignored.
One scream says more than a 1,000 words.

Zeynep Dagli, Augustine.

Zeynep Dagli is a London-based visual artist with an interest in the negotiations and meditations of internal/external struggles and traumatic experiences. After completing her practice-based PhD titled: The Eyes of Death: Visual Movement from Witness to Spectator, with four short films, he has continued to explore, and produce art works which have been exhibited internationally and in the UK. She collaborated with disabled artists, performers, scriptwriters, musicians and sound designers, creating film/digital/visual work for a wide range of disabled/non-disabled audiences. Her artistic practice is nourished by research, experimentation and unobtrusive approaches.

More info: www.cosmicsigh.net

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