#icantbreathe: una galleria

Sulla scia delle manifestazioni globali che si stanno muovendo al grido di Black Lives Matter, anche il mondo dell’arte sta reagendo all’ultimo respiro – #icantbreathe – di George Floyd. Abbiamo raccolto in questa galleria alcuni interventi.
In copertina l’opera realizzata dal celebre Banksy.

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Last night @czt and I went out on a mission to project #GeorgeFloyd on surfaces around the Twin Cities. It was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least and it makes me at a loss for words. Our city is very upset, confused, sad and scared. I’ve never seen anything like this in Minnesota ever and it really breaks my heart. I chose to remember George’s life with these photographs and live projection and the response in public was so embracing it made me realize that we can come together. But on the way home I had to drive through South Minneapolis to get to the freeway and came across long time Hexagon Bar burning to the ground with the owner across the street crying and yelling “This is not okay!” That’s when I saw what injustice can drive people to do and I was just stunned. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Rest Peacefully George. These photographs are for you.

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